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magnetic glasses topper - Peep glasses, peep topper, easter topper, easter glasses, marshmallow peep, pair eyeglasses, pair topper, pair

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You are looking at hand made magnetic glasses toppers. They are thinner than pair eyewear's toppers! Your toppers will be mounted on high quality acrylic backing, and professionally sealed with a glossy, waterproof, durable uv resin. I pour my heart and soul into my art and I love making toppers I will wear myself.

I can make WANDA, REESE, KIRBY, TWAIN, CASPER, LARKIN, AND ELLA in Peeps style 1 and 2.

I had made these toppers myself using my cricut. I have a vast collection of styles and ideas. If you see one you need in a different Pair eyewear style just send me a message and I can make whatever style you need. They will look slightly different pattern wise than the exact image when you need a different style. I will show you a picture before I mail it.

I personally have the wanda style by pair eyewear. I can make other styles.

buy 3 pairs for 10% off and free shipping is included!

Occasionally when you order custom toppers from etsy you might need to slightly adjust them when they arrive. Warm up the bridge of the nose with a hair blow dryer and place them on your toppers. You can also gently bend them (not aggressively) before placing on your topper. The soft ness of the acrylic is easy to bend to the shape of your frames. <3

I am a single person trying to make ends meet. Please be kind to small business owners who are trying to make ends meet, if you have a problem just remember to be kind with your words.


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