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Lupus and Lepus

post it note - *bundle 2 table top theme* Dice, D&D, table top, polyhedral dice roll playing, game, gamer, dungeons and dragons, d6, d20, d4, d10, d100, d2, sticky note, stickynote, postit note, custom post it notes, post it brand, designed by me

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  • 2 sticky notes with 50 sheets each
  • 3x3 inches Each
  • sheet has adhesive backing
  • Post-it note brand

THIS IS A BUNDLE! You can buy these as individuals or this bundle. Save money with the bundle! You will receive two post it notes from this bundle! One dice, one char sheet. 

Please allow for slight differences and variations in the designs. Sometimes the edge of the sticky note and image size as each batch of sticky notes are slightly different. I designed these myself and I am so happy about these! Thank you SO MUCH for helping support me and my small biz!

Shipping is a flat rate $4 with tracking regardless how many you order! Feel free to fill your cart!


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